About Us

Our Moopis and Coffee Beans

Our coffee is hand picked and sorted to ensure only the best, quality green beans are selected. The green coffee beans are then processed and dried in the sunshine.

Fair Trading

Coffee buys only from selected small village farmers, who use traditional cultivation methods without pesticides or chemicals. We are committed to Fair Trading and ensuring our farmers also benefit from their dedication to growing and sorting the beans and providing our customers with a consistently high quality product.

Bonus System

Farmers who consistently produce high quality crops receive considerable bonuses under our Fair Trade agreement, thereby assisting their communities to grow and prosper.

The Perfect Climate

The climate in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea is ideal for growing the finest coffee. Rich volcanic soil, high altitude and beautiful shade trees provide the perfect conditions.


Moopis and Coffee House roasts its coffee on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. We offer our buyers two varieties… 100% Arabica Coffee and a Three Bean Mix from Typica, Mundo Novo and Bourbon varieties. We also offer Choc Coated Coffee Beans.

Wholesale Coffee

Moopis and Coffee House offers wholesale PNG coffee in the form of green beans to roasters Australia wide. Contact us to discuss our wholesale PNG coffee green beans today!