Why Coffee is an Ideal Network Marketing Industry

The Coffee that Pays!

For new entrepreneurs making their first entrance into the world of network marketing, it can be difficult to sift through the sheer volume of opportunities at hand. These days, it seems like every product and industry is represented by some network marketing company; you can sell everything from travel vouchers to law services.

However, not every opportunity is created equal. We believe that Coffee offers an unbeatable product for the following reasons:


When you’re spending a large part of every day selling a product, it makes a big difference if you’re promoting something that most people are already interested in. At the end of the day, would you rather be selling life insurance or coffee?

Think about how many cups of coffee the average person drinks each day. Can you come up with an industry that more readily taps into a popular market?


A key component of sales success in network marketing is your ability to turn a new client into a repeat customer. If you’re selling vacuum cleaners, you’re going to have a hard time convincing customers to make a new purchase each month. But if you’re selling coffee in increments of 10-12 cups per transaction, your customers will be coming back at least once a month.


The blends of Organo Gold coffees and teas have each been carefully crafted and evaluated by qualified Italian experts; no other company in Australia and New Zealand can claim to offer coffee that has been approved by the refined coffee enthusiasts of Western Europe.

Our coffees are made from the highest quality organic ingredients and are enriched with ganoderma.


In Australia, a daily cup of coffee costs around $3.50 on average. Consider that some coffee addicts drink upwards of four cups a day and you’re looking at a habit that costs more than $50 each workweek.